Guided Walks

Subject to COVID rules and compliance we have decided to run a few walks for Heritage Week.  The walks will comply to COVID rules etc, so here are a few important things.

You must book your place on the walk, contact Peter Clarke on Call Peter or email Peter.  Places are limited on each walk.  Remember to bring your mask/face covering, hand wash if you feel the need, and your COVID passport of you have it, and be prepared to share your contact information with us on the day.  Everybody is responsible for their own safety and welfare on these walks.

The walks are;

  1. 20th August @ 7pm,
  2. 21st August @ 2pm
  3. 23rd August @ 2pm.

The walk on the 21st August is subject to confirmation, as it may clash with a GAA event, which makes walking the canal impossible.  Keep an eye here, we will organise another date.

Walks meet at Binns Bridge, and take about 90 minutes, and end at Blessington Street Basin, just a five minute walk from the city centre. (route map below).   Remember to wear suitable walking shoes and bring suitable clothing in case it rains or gets cold.Walking the Royal CanalPoint A (with the purple mark is the start of the walk, and point B (with the purple mark) is the finish of the walk.

While the walks are free, the Royal Canal Amenity is a voluntary group, and Peter Clarke gives his time to us as a voulnteer, so perhaps consider giving a donation at the end of the walk, it helps us to continue our work promoting the canal, and running events such as this.


December 27th Christmas Jumper Walk

We were hoping to run the Royal Canal Maynooth Christmas Jumper Walk on Sunday  December the 27th. Although we looked at a number options for organising the walk we felt none would comply with the Covid-19 restrictions. Consequently we hope to hold the event later in the spring

Some events from 2019;

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Midsummer walk

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